Friday, December 23, 2005

You's not about sex

I like to watch people...I don't sit around watching people have sex. I like to go to airports, malls, wherever I can, to watch people. They fascinate me. I usually have my camera with me when I can, so if the chance arises I'll take pictures. I'm sure lots of them will end up on here. Welcome to my world.

Tonight I went to an indoor hockey rink to watch hockey (duh). Mostly kids were there waiting for their turn to use the rink. My pics didn't turn out too well as my flash recently broke on my digital camera, so I had to take them sans bright light. But try I did. There was this one lady sitting about 20 yards down the bench from me...I'm sure that she thought I was taking pics of her because she kept getting in these poses that just didn't seem natural for watching a hockey game. I didn't take any though. Don't get me wrong, she was pretty. But it just didn't seem very natural because of all of the posing. Maybe she'll be there during another game and she won't see me...then I'll get some good pics (hoping to have fixed my camera dilema by that time) of her just being herself. I ran into sort of the same situation last year at a Rivercats game. I was taking pics of the field and surroundings and this girl just kept "posing" for the camera. I got some pics and video of her though. Couldn't pass up that opportunity, ya know.

Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Welcome to my world!

Hello and welcome to my world. Not sure what I want to do here. Definitely something different from my "regular" blog.

As you can see from my links, I like to watch other blogs. I have many others that I'll be adding in the near future that I like to read, but that was enough to get my blog started. I'd definitely have to say that the ones that I've listed are definitely my favorites among all of them (including the ones not listed), so please take the time to check them out and let them know I sent you.

I will be setting this blog up and working on it on a daily basis. I will be adding a blogroll, various pictures and many other things. Please check back often.